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The Interscholastic Equestrian Association
Williston Fuller IEA Team 2019-2020
The Williston Fuller IEA Season will start with Boot Camp - Date TBD.
Cost is $350.00. 
Lesson will begin the following Boot Camp - Date TBD.

We have a great group of riders and are always happy to welcome more.   Please contact Laura for information at 413-531-3787.

In order to be considered a member of the IEA team, members will need to complete an application form by the beginning of August to be considered for the first show. 

New members may join after we have submitted our packet up through the end of October.

IEA Hunt Seat Shows



Regionals - 2020 - TBD

2019 IEA upcoming shows
Zones  3/ 30 Big E - 2 day show
Nationals - 4/26-28- Harrisburg PA

**New Payment Structure for IEA Hunt Seat **
We have 4 quarters per season @ 495.00 The season will consist of 22 weeks of lessons. Lessons are twice a week beginning at the end of August going through the end of the season, February 10th.  After the end of the regular season, lessons payment will be weekly. Price for IEA lessons is 45.00. There are no lessons the week between Christmas and New Years.

Show Payments: each class for the regular season is 40.00.  The coaching fee is 60.00. Please make checks out to Infinigty Equestrian.  Because we pay for the team in advance, we ask that you submit checks to us as requested (before the show).

Payment due dates: October 9th, November 20th, January 2th, February 10th.
IEA Dressage Shows


Nationals -   4/13-4/14 --Otterbein University, OH

**New Payment Structure for IEA Dressage**
Dressage riders will be paying an addtional 30.00 per pay period if you are taking semi-private lessons or an additonal 60.00 per pay period if you are taking private lessons.  Therefore total amount due per pay period will either be 525.00 or 555.00

Payment Due dates: October 9th, November 20th, January 2th, February 10th.

For more information about IEA, please visit
Our mighty team!
The Williston Team Team champioship win at Biscuit Hill