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Riding Lessons


Hunt Seat and Dressage riding lessons for the competitive and recreational rider. Whether learning to ride or have ridden for years, join us at Infinity Equestrian as your next riding destination.

Please call Laura for more information at 413-531-3787 or email us @



Group Lessons

Group - Three students or more - 60 mins  - $55.00 - 4 week cost - $220.00Group - Three students or more - 60 mins  - $55.00 - 4 week cost - $220.00



- Two Students - 45 min -  $60.00 - 4 week cost - $240.00Semi - Private - Two Students - 45 min -  $60.00 - 4 week cost - $240.00


Private - Child and Beginner Adult -  30 Mins - $70.00 - 4 week cost - $280.00

Private - Horsemanship - 30 Mins - $70.00 - 4 week cost - $280.00

Private - Intermediate - Advanced -  45 Mins - $70.00 -  4 week cost - $280.00

Payment Structure

  1. To ensure seamless scheduling of your lessons, payment for every four weeks must be made before the first lesson. The payment deadline is on the last day of the month. The first payment is due on July 31st, followed by subsequent payments every 4 weeks. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated.

  2. A missed lesson may be made up on the last Saturday of the 4 weeks. To cancel, kindly call us ASAP.  No shows will not be eligible for a make-up lesson. If Infinity Equestrian cancels the lesson, make-ups will be on the last Saturday of the 4 week period from 1:00-4:00pm

  3. Suppose a rider is already riding on Saturdays. In that case, a makeup lesson will be offered on another day, or they can ride twice on the last Saturday of the month.

  4. Payments made via Venmo, cash, or check.

Lesson expectations

  1. Arrive early to groom.

  2. To ensure safety and proper attire, please wear long-riding pants, boots with heels, gloves, and a helmet. Fitted shirts with sleeves should be tucked into riding pants, and hair should be pulled back into a ponytail. Tank tops hood sweatshirts are not permitted.

  3. After a riding lesson, it is important to spend 30-45 minutes cooling down the horse, cleaning and storing the tack, putting away all equipment, and sweeping the grooming area.

If weather conditions prevent horse riding, we will provide horsemanship lessons that do not involve mounting. These lessons will be part of your monthly lesson package. Please note that unmounted lessons will be limited to two per month.

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