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IEA TEAM 2023-2024

The Infinity Equestrian IEA Season 2023-2024 Boot Camp - click here for more information about the Interscholastic Equestrian Association


Lesson will begin the following Boot Camp - Cost $300 per session.

Dressage Boot Camp - August 7th and 8th

Hunt Seat Boot Camp - August 10th and 11th

We have a great group of riders and are always happy to welcome more.   Please contact Laura for information at 413-531-3787.


New members may continue to join after we have submitted our packet up through the end of October. Contact Laura for more information. 413-531-3787.

IEA Hunt Seat Shows - TBD


**Payment Structure for IEA Teams **



Show Payments: each class for the regular season is 45.00.  The coaching fee is 60.00. Please make checks out to Infinity Equestrian.  Because we pay for the team in advance, we ask that you submit checks to us as requested (before the show).

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